Everest Base Camp & Nepal Relief

In March of this year, I was presented with an irresistable opportunity – the chance to trek to Everest Base Camp. As I have previously mentioned, the invitation from my girlfriend, Alex, came at the most interesting time, as I was currently teaching Jon Krakauer’s Into Thin Air as a long-term substitute teacher at my former high school, James Madison HS. About a week after her invitation, I had a flight bound for Kathmandu, Nepal. 

The trek itself was the trip of a lifetime. My girlfriends, Alex, Sarah, Alyssa, and I regrouped in Nepal three years after our initial meeting in Brisbane, Australia as students at the University of Queensland. We were thrilled to find that we clicked as if no time had passed. (That’s always how it seems to go with true friends!) We teamed up with Mountain Ram Adventures for eleven days, trekking beneath the beauty of the Himalayas. We were led by our most wonderful Nepalese guide and guru, Kishwor. (When it’s time for your own experience in Nepal, be sure to check out this 24 hour Kathmandu itinerary, as you will surely be flying in to TIA!)

We were in disbelief when we learned that exactly two weeks following our return home, Nepal was in devastation. Photos of Kathmandu where we had been residing not two weeks prior were in shambles. We were terrified as we continually attempted to reach out to Kishwor, only to hear no response. Finally after four days of hoping and praying, Kishwor said that he made it off of the Everest Base Camp Trail and was in the process of returning to his village – Aanguputar. He reported that his village had been left in ruins, and that his people had been hurt.

With seven deaths and 50 injuries directly affecting our dear friend and his village, thousands of deaths caused to the beautiful people of Nepal (people who had offered us nothing but the upmost kindness and sincerity – people and a country that we had just fallen in love with), my girlfriends and I were eager to find a way to help Kishwor and his country. Our guide and friend who had been our motivator, caretaker, support, and comedian when the going got tough now needed help and support from us. We quickly put together a GoFund me page, and we were thrilled to find that our family and friends were eager to help. Collectively, we surpassed our goal amount of $1,000, then $2,000, etc. In a matter of a couple weeks, we quickly had raised $4,000 to go towards relief for Kishwor’s village Aanguputar.

This past week Kishwor sent us a video he put together that encompasses how he spent the relief money and the aid that was delivered to his village. Kishwor, we are so proud of you. I admire your strength and courage! To family and friends who donated – THANK YOU. This wouldn’t have been possible without you!

In the video, you will see our friend and Nepalese guru, Kishwor, himself. He was able to bring dry foods, salt, tents, and medical supplies to his village of Aanguputar. I love the smiles of these people and children. To everyone who donated, prayed, and offered support to Kishwor, Aanguputar, Kathmandu, or Nepal in all shapes and forms – Namaste. ❤


One thought on “Everest Base Camp & Nepal Relief

  1. It’s wonderful to read, Hayley, that you were able to give help and support back to Kishwor! Amazing what can happen, even when you cross someone’s path for just a short time. Would you travel to Nepal again someday? What other treks are on your list?


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