Let Hawaii Happen

Seven months spent in this beautiful paradise and I find myself getting ready to visit home for the holidays! What was originally going to be a permanent move back to the mainland sometime this fall is now a two and a half week holiday visit, as Clay and I are not ready to give up island living yet! (Don’t you love it when seasonal positions turn into something more long-term?!) Although I love year-round 70+ degree weather and an endless summer (and I have even broken out a few sweaters), family, hot-chocolate, fires, and maybe even some of the white stuff is the kind of Christmas I know!

In the past coupe of weeks between unrelenting rainy days, an infection, and various injuries (multiple friends agree that my days as a foot model are done), I have found the time to put together a Hawaii edit. Making a video of my travels or experiences is my favorite way of capturing a place or period in my life – a video one that I can look back upon now, months down the road, or years down the road. So, here is our seven months in Hawaii summed up in four minutes! Enjoy it!

*Play the video in full HD by clicking on the word “Vimeo” on the bottom right corner!*



2 thoughts on “Let Hawaii Happen

  1. I’ve always wanted to visit Hawaii. I know people get island fever, but that seems impossible for me for now! 😛


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