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Cheap Flights to Hawaii

Who says cheap flights to and from Hawaii don’t exist? Last month, I purchased a one-way ticket from Hawaii to the east coast for $260. UNREAL! My friend, Lauren, messaged me the other day to ask how I manage to find cheap flights. I wanted to share my tips and tricks with you and share my experience flying with a new airline: Sun Country!

Here’s how to find cheap flights to Hawaii of your own.

Just a flight away.

Clear your cookies.

In whichever browser you use, be sure to clear those cookies! This can be done by going to Menu –> Options –> Privacy and Security –> Cookies and Site Data –> Clear Cookies.

While some articles argue that it is a myth that cookies affect prices when shopping, others reference some correlation. In my experience, clearing cookies is a must.

For even fancier low-fare and high-tech methods, consider booking by using a VPN. Smarter Travel tells you why and how. (For example, if an airline website thinks you are booking from Ecuador instead of New York City, you may receive better rates.)

Hayley Sarah Blog

Shop on a Tuesday.

I am a big believer in this. Go get your tacos, and then buy your flights! It has also been said that it is cheaper to fly on a Tuesday, but I haven’t seen this as much in my own experience.

Price-check for neighboring airports.

Recently, I have had the luxury of flying in and out of Nashville rather than Knoxville, Tennessee. I have consistently found that flights are anywhere from $100-$300 cheaper out of Nashville. In my case, I am lucky to have a very kind and loving aunt who doesn’t mind me parking my car at her house for two weeks or two months (thank you, Aunt Harriet!). Even if you are unable to figure out parking, a $30 bus ticket or a text message to a friend may be worth the effort depending on your priorities.

Hayley Sarah Blog

Try a new airline.

I took a gamble by flying with Sun Country Airlines on my most recent trip to Hawaii. “You’re flying with who?!” friends asked. Based in Minnesota, this budget airline did the trick for me. Similar to cheap carriers in Europe like Ryan Air and Easy Jet, they have more baggage restrictions, but to my surprise they were not strict in measuring and enforcing some of the carry-on regulations. (Truth be told, my “personal item” may have been closer to a carry-on size, which they charge extra for, but I managed to squeeze it under my seat!).

The staff were super friendly and helpful, and much like United they had an in-flight entertainment service through your own personal smart devices. The only snaffu was when our plane had to wait at the Honolulu gate for an hour and change (yikes!) after landing. However, for $316 and excellent customer service up until that point, I was satisfied.

If you’re into affordable flights, chances are you’re looking to be wise with your spending once you land in paradise. Check out this post for 105 Tips for Hawaii on a Budget!


For those of you wishing to visit this island paradise, happy flight shopping!


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