She said yes!

Blackrock Engagement Session

One of the many reasons that I love photography is because photos can engender a plethora of emotions in an instant. Lately, I’ve been pleased as I’ve been able to put more time and energy into this passion. (Although I’ve been noticing that we’re usually always able if we make the space and the choices that support said thing, eh?)

In July I spent two and a half weeks in Charlottesville, Virginia working at UVA to facilitate a U.S. Culture and American English program for fifty bright and charismatic visiting Chinese students. In between my work, I had the chance to catch up with my favorite Cville friends, eat all of the delicious things (it was restaurant week!), and do an engagement shoot for my dear friend, Becca.

Blackrock Engagement

I met Becca during my second half of grad school through a series of nuanced connections. Becca was a friend of a girl (and soon to be my friend) named Alex, who blindly invited me to her house for dinner one evening in thanks to her cousin and my friend Anny, who I knew because she dated my friend Sam at the time when we all three (Sam, Anny, and myself) lived in Hawaii. Wow, that was a lot – thanks for hangin’ with me! Oh, the web we weave – I do love it.  Interestingly enough, Becca was born on Oahu and we quickly bonded through shared interests including food, travel, and the Bachelorette (go figure).


Becca and Dillon weren’t originally planning on engagement photos, but I sure am happy they changed their mind! Check out the beautiful couple below.

My hope is that these photos inspire for you feelings of love, peace, connectedness, and beauty.

Hayley Sarah Photography

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Becca and Dillon

Hayley Sarah Photography

Hayley Sarah Photography

B&D- (22)

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Blackrock Engagement

Engagement Session

She said yes!


Hayley Sarah Photography

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