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As of Friday, I own a steamer. One of those little handheld, wrinkle-vanishers. I was tempted to take a before and after picture of my curtains. My how life changes.

Hayley Sarah Blog
Hiking in the Shenandoah a few weekends before said steamer acquisition.

I’ve always loved the quote “do one thing a day that scares you.” Perhaps a more thought-provoking variation of this is the following:

“If it scares you, it’s a sign you need to do it.” – unknown

National Parks

In the past few months, I have realized that traveling, living, and working abroad no longer sparks fear in me like it used to. I realized how grateful I am to have had all of these experiences – chances to conquer the fear associated with hitchhiking through Chile and Ecuador for three months, flying over the Himalayas in a teeny tiny airplane, and overcoming gnarly altitude sickness in Peru’s Andes Mountains.


So what scares me now? Being settled. Being able to see the next 365 days laid out before me. I went from previously having very few commitments to having two spaces with my name attached to it – a home and an office. I’ve traded living out of a suitcase to owning a 6ft tall houseplant and a steamer. A steamer, ok – something that I never envisioned owning in this life.

As I’ve thought about how I spent my early and mid twenties, I realize that they went just how I wanted them. While not always smooth, and not without hiccups, pain, and anger, they were full of adventure – which is exactly what I wanted.

A trick that I read somewhere several years ago was to create passwords that also serve as a mantra. The passwords that we type into our computers, our phones, and every other system on an everyday basis are the words and phrases that become muscle memory in our fingers and in our minds.

For years, my password was this: Adventureawaitsyou!

It did. And now, as I am entering and fully embracing a new stage of life, I am reflecting on what I want that next password to be. Perhaps it’ll be tied to growth, love, community, contentment.. Of course, when I do refine it I won’t be able to share it with you because – er well, it’s a password!

Albemarle baking
Fridays at the office are self-declared bring-your-pastry-to-work-day!

My friend and I recently reconnected (this applies to so many people in my life right now with the constant moving and nomadicism. That is now no more!) and she asked how I’ve been, where I’ve been, and what I’m doing back in Charlottesville. She made a comment that made me smile because I loved the word she used. She said that my life seemed less Instagrammy, but that my job along with the other circumstances that envelop my life seem perfect.

Hayley Sarah Blog
This man being one of them!

And yes, while my life may be less Instagrammy, it feels like it is brewing with contentment in relationships, community, routine, and the ability to contribute in a meaningful and lasting way.

Meet Buck. I brought him on a field trip for a day away from the Cville SPCA.

I’m eager to embrace the new and unfamiliar discomforts. New discomforts, same ole embracing strategy.

Comment below if you just might consider changing a password! 🙂

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