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Experiences and sustainability.

These are two things that I place a high value on in life. For me, experiences encompass adventure, travel, and an opportunity to try new things. In a world in which we as humans are continually taking, it is important to be not only mindful, but also proactive when it comes to sustainability and satiating our hunger for experiences.

I am excited to be collaborating with several companies who share these values and are passionate about providing an experience or product with sustainability and conservation in mind. Together, we are bringing you some deals and discounts. Check them out!

Kailua Beach Adventures

I currently work at Kailua Beach Adventures and fall in love with my office more and more every day. KBA facilitates beach clean-ups throughout the year, hosts eco-nights shedding light on current issues affecting our beautiful home, and continually teaches guest and locals alike ways to be stewards of our beautiful island. Kailua Beach Adventures and I have collaborated to give you the chance to experience Kailua Bay for yourself- my favorite place on the island.

Use the code hayleysarahblog to receive 20% off rental equipment, a kayak tour, or SUP lesson!


Kailua Beach Adventures

Wet Planet Whitewater

Wet Planet Whitewater, nestled in the Columbia River Gorge, offers whitewater rafting trips down one of the most beautiful rivers – the White Salmon River. Here, I worked alongside some of the coolest people – people passionate about protecting watersheds and preserving rivers to their natural state. Wet Planet is the leading whitewater company in sustainability (diverting 58% of waste from landfills – one of many examples) and holds an annual White Salmon Riverfest complete with a symposium highlighting current issues affecting the White Salmon and its surrounding area. This river is a blast! Check out Wet Planet to see which other trips they are offering this spring, or book a whitewater kayak lesson.

Use the code hayleypaddles17 and enjoy a 10% discount on your whitewater adventure!

Husum Falls
Emily and I falling off Husum falls together after becoming co-workers at Wet Planet! You’ll find us in the front!


Happy Earth

Happy Earth provides apparel and a wonderful opportunity to promote sustainability. With 50% of their net profits promoting conservation and sustainability, you can rock a sweet tee with the assurance that your purchase is advocating for our planet.

Use the code HayleySarahHappyEarth for 15% off your next purchase.

Hayley Sarah Blog
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Taaluma Totes

It’s cool when your former high school field hockey teammate moves on to co-found an awesome product based on the firmest principles of corporate social responsibility. Taaluma Totes creates backpacks made with fabrics from all over the world. With your purchase, 20% of the profit is returned to the fabric’s country of origin where it becomes a micro-loan for small business owners and farmers. I am thrilled to have collaborated with Taaluma Totes on two “Traveler Edition” totes – Hawaii totes of course!!

taalumatotehawaiieditionHawaii Tote

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