Taaluma Totes: Hawaii Edition [PART II] is Here!

Second chances are the best. For those of you who missed the results of my first collaboration with Taaluma Totes, I am excited to announce that a second Taaluma Tote Hawaii Traveler Edition is HERE!

The OG Hawaii Edition Taaluma Tote

After scouring the fabric markets once again, I am sharing the best of Hawaii with you via a travel-savvy, eye-catching, sustainability-minded backpack. For those of you unfamiliar with Taaluma Tote’s dedication to corporate social responsibility, 20% of profits from each tote are micro-loaned to local business owners within the country of the fabric’s origin. For this Hawaii Edition Tote, that means that this percentage will go right back to stimulating the American economy at the local level (right here in Hawaii!).


And so, for my readers, family, and friends I have an early-bird link for you to get your tote while they last! The success of the first Hawaii tote lead to the backpacks all being sold out in under three hours! This time, snag your tote before the rest of the world (sssh!) and enjoy your limited edition tote – just 1 of 28!

Happy toting from myself and my friends at Taaluma! I can’t wait to see where you all take your totes!



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