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Impulse Purchase

I’m a big believer in the Law of Attraction.

And generally, I am not an impulsive person. But I am one to listen to my intuition and follow-through with opportunities as they present themselves! A phrase that my dear friend Josie has ingrained in my mind lately is the ever-simple, “Why not?”

Hayley Sarah Blog
Josie taking in one of our last sunsets in Thessaloniki, Greece

Two weeks ago after a yoga class, I checked my email to find a Scott’s Cheap Flights deal to Puerto Rico. As I’ve mentioned in my previous blog, I’ve been feeling a bit aimless lately as I wait, hopeful for one of the many applications I have submitted turn into an opportunity.

Puerto Rico. Round Trip tickets starting at $200. Dreamy.

Hayley Sarah Blog
A photo from a family trip to Puerto Rico back in 2011

I quickly texted my friend, Amy, who I last saw four and a half years ago when she visited me in the Pacific Northwest. We drove up to the Olympic National Park and went backpacking through Washington’s gorgeous coastline. Amy is one of my long-time friends who I met through the University of South Carolina’s Mountaineer and Whitewater Club.

Hayley Sarah Blog
Backpacking the Ozette Loop with Amy in the Olympic National Park

As it turned out, Amy is still in Puerto Rico, and she replied with the sweetest response. At that moment, our brief texting exchange was affirmation to me that the world works in wondrous ways.

The chance to visit Amy and her partner, Matt, felt
fortuitous in a way similar to my opportunity to trek to Everest Base Camp with my Canadian superstar girlfriends back in March of 2015.

And so, as Knoxville continues to get colder and I continue to sort out my next steps, I will be taking a little surfing/beaching hiatus and reconnecting with my girl Amy as I continue to patiently wait for life to unfold.

A few reminders about our amazing universe.

You are creating your reality in every moment of every day.

Expect Miracles.

Remember that whatever you give your energy and attention to will come back to you.

And as my dear friend Josie would say, “Why not”? 🙂

Olympic National Park
See you soon, gal!

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